The whole plant is on a surface of 15.000 m2. With an annual production of roughly 100.000 bicycles per year, Cinzia has a permanent availability of around 12.000 bicycles, divided into 100 models, with different size and type. Such a big availability enables the Company to satisfy our customers need in very short times with a service that few companies can grant. In the plant there are two assembling lines: a big one producing 400 bicycles per day and a smaller one manufacturing 100 bicycles for little batches. An area for the raw material storage with two warehouses for the frame storage and all the components. A warehouse for the storage of the final product with a delivery dept. A painting aerea, with automatic and robot controlled area for frames and parts painting. A prototype and new product development area, assigned also for test on the raw material.


Cicli Cinzia was founded in 1967 by Giuseppe Bombi and Severino Maccaferri, the bolognese businessmen who bounded their names to the birth of the famous Cinzia folding bike. After a previous experience of a painting Company for motorcycle parts and components, during the summer of 1967 Mr Bombi and Mr. Maccaferri laid the foundation of this new challenge. Their big intuition was the famous bicycle, with 20 inches wheels, a folding bicycles that will be the fortune of the company and made it famous all over Europe. Other than the legendary 20 inches wheels, other models and other sizes will follow. At the beginning of years ‘90 Cicli Cinzia is market leader with a production of more than 300.000 bicycles per year, exported throughout Europe and other continents. Cinzia becomes one of the most popular and appreciated bicycle trademarks, and also one of the main suppliers of important European trademarks of the two wheels field which appoint Cinzia to manufacture bicycle under their own brand. Nowdays Cinzia is still a reference point on the market, and keeps the same quality standard and ideas which have always been the ground rule of its philosophy.

foto storica bicicletta pieghevole e bicicletta cross


Our Company always considered a good quality-price ratio as a value, and we have always pursued the aim of manufacturing robust and safe bicycles, with a good quality at a reasonable price.
Reliability, openness, total commitment and importance given to human relationships are valour on which we have been founding our activity for almost 50 years of work.
To keep the image or reliability we have achieved and to count on the support and appreciation of our customers.
To be beside our customers, to delevop with them a mutual trust . To introduce to our customers products which are always updated with the market evolution, at a convenient price.
Honesty and care, commitment and dynamism for the development of new products and attention to our customers satisfaction.


The factory has its own high quality modern painting dept with liquid paint.Each frame is painted in robot controlled cabins following three steps: primer coating, painting and clear coating, after that they the drying oven. Following the environmental rules, our painting area is equipped with system which respect the environement and drastically reduce the releasing of solvents into the environment.

reparto verniciatura Cicli Cinzia

All the assembling steps of the bikes, including the final test, are performed within the factory and regulated by precise work sheets. Each process (frame marking, bottom brackets assembling, headsets, brakes and derailleur setting, hubs clamping, wheels assembling, packing process) is regularly checked in the assembling line. This assures a constant accuracy on each manufacturing step.
All Cinzia production is made according to EN quality and safety rules. Each bicycle is assembled with parts complying with EN standard rules. Saddles, grips, pedals, tyres, tubes and all plastic materials are phftalates free and made with non toxic components.
The company employs a product traceability system, with stickers showing the date and the batch nr, this allows to trace each bicycle during all the production cycle, from the manufacturing day to the delivery and sale.
Cinzia design its bicycles with great attention on esthetic, quality and the use for which it is meant. The attention paid to the design, to the details dettagli and the innate italian elegance are well shown on the colour choice and the colour combination. Cinzia bicycles reveal a special care on details and components, this makes these bicycle among the best appreciated in the market.